1997 Reunion at Space Sciences

This film is broken into 9 parts. Small versions of all parts are on this page with links to a large version. You can also use pullouts from Reunion Menu to get to a large version of film. Or Part1    Part2   Part3   Part4   Part5   Part6   Part7   Part8   Part9

Part 1

Jeanne Pimentel introduces event. People arrive and start talking while camera wanders the room. IRS and gas system are taken from their cases. More people arrive. Camera wanders room again.

Part 2

Bob Brattains introduced to various folks. Maurice Carlson tells stories with Tom Foster, Paul Forney and others. Camera wanders around room. Ken Herr and Paul Forney talk about IRS.

Part 3

Les Hughes talks about gas system. Les also shows the ruptured test gas bottle.

Part 4

Harry Peterson, Paul Duffey and Andy Anderson talk about gas system with Laurel Kirkland joins discussion.

Part 5

Harry Peterson, Paul Duffey, Andy Anderson talk to Laurel Kirkland about IRS.

Part 6

Harry Peterson, Paul Duffey and Andy Anderson talk to Laurel Kirkland and Ted Denmark  about IRS. Tarlton Fleming talks to Lynne Bostick. Food is served and group eats while continuing to drink. Ken Herr talks to group introducing videos. Camera pans audience during Martian Investigators.

Part 7

Group watches end of the Martian Investigators video. Group watches Space Oddity video. Ken Herr talks to group some more.

Part 8

Ken Herr speaks to group. Maurice Carlson tells story about hiring. Les Hughes and Don Stone tell about getting hired. Jeanne Pimentel and Lynne Bostick talk about clean room. Paul Duffey shows drawing and gives to Lynne.

Part 9

Jeanne Pimentel leads story telling. Laurel Kirkland talks about how she got involved. Reunion cake and champaigne are served. Jim Holsworth and Don Stone talk. Camera moves around room. Camera goes out door and looks skyward. End of video.